David Ackles: Photos from Magazines, etc

David pictured in Hot Wacks magazine.

David pictured in Hot Wacks magazine.

David pictured in Hot Wacks magazine.

To the left are four rather grainy scans of pictures printed in Hot Wacks editions 17-19 to accompany the long articles that appeared in those editions.

On the right is a shot of David from Q Magazine taken for the Where Are They Now? feature in the June 1994 edition.

It's a stunning picture for those of us who have never met David. All we have known of him is his music, in which he sounds introspective and full of doubts. The many characters he portrays in his songs have very dark aspects to their lives.

And yet here we have a happy, smiling guy with a marvellous zest for life. This is how the people who met him found him to be.


David pictured in Q magazine.
  David pictured in Hot Wacks magazine.  
David at the Troubadour.   Elton John with David at the Troubadour.
David (left) photographed at the Troubadour, where he played along with Elton John (who was also on this photo, till I cropped him out - full photo above).

Elton became a fan, as evidenced by his conversation with Elvis Costello in the TV programme Spectacle. Bernie Taupin, his co-writer, offered to produce the third album, American Gothic.

Picture originally published in Q Magazine.



David in a shot taken for Elektra Records.

  David as a carousel operator in the 1966 movie Blood Bath.

The picture above is a screen grab from the movie Blood Bath (a.k.a. Track of the Vampire), 1966,  in which David played the carousel operator. It appears, according to IMDb, to be a Roger Corman production which is a mish-mash combination of two - or even three - movies, one, Operation Titian, shot in Belgrade, the other(s) filmed in California. My thanks to Bill White for acquiring the photo.

On the left is an Elektra Records shot of David around the time of his second album, Subway to the Country.


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